Welcome to Bundi International Diagnostics

Who We Are

At Bundi International Diagnostics, we are pioneering the manufacture of rapid test kits in Nigeria. We are improving the healthcare of Nigerians, one test kit at a time.

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About Our Products

We produce high quality, low cost in-vitro rapid diagnostic test kits. Our kits are affordable, very easy to use and demonstrate high sensitivity and specificity.

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Our Partners

Bundi International Diagnositcs have formed partnerships with major players in the health sectors in a bid to meet the high standards and demands of our test kits.

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At Bundi International Diagnostics, we continuously strive to meet our quality policy. We achieve this by providing products and services that:

  • meet the high expectations of our customers
  • are in accordance with international health and safety standards
  • provide our customers with a competitive advantage
  • are made from materials of the highest quality
  • exceed our standards for excellence


To be a distributor of any of our test kits, get in touch with us. We are always looking to getting our kits to more users in more areas.